We sell many of our items are reduced prices for wholesale purchase to qualified buyers. We require that you have a valid business with a sales tax or resale ID number issued by your State and in your name or your business name.

If you feel you qualify for wholesale and are interested in purchasing our products you can use the link on the next page to request access to our wholesale website.

If you live in the USA you are REQUIRED to submit a valid sale tax number or re-sale ID number issued by your State, if you do not you WILL NOT be given access to the wholesale area. International business ONLY do not need to supply that info.

We will contact you by e-mail when your request has been approved and your password has been setup. Below is our wholesale policy. Please read it carefully.

Below is our wholesale terms, please
read it carefully to avoid any confusion or problems if you decide to place an order. Please email us if you have any questions regarding wholesale purchases BEFORE you place an order with us.


Please read this policy carefully as it contains important information regarding wholesale area. This is the most current and up-to-date wholesale information to date and will take precedence over any email form of the same so please check & read this often.

If you are an existing customer and have received your login info you can login into our new website by clicking here:

If you are a new customer or have not yet received your new login info you click the link below to request access.




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