We Are Not Currently Taking Any Wholesale Customers

If you feel you qualify for wholesale and are interested in purchasing our products you can use the link below to request access to our wholesale area.

You will need to fax or email us your current state sales tax license number, or state business number to us, we need it on file before will can set up a wholesale account for you. Our fax number is 888-522-7140 the email address is info@hugsandstitches.com.

If you live in the USA you are REQUIRED to submit via email or fax a copy of your current sales tax license number or state business number, if you do not you WILL NOT be given access to the wholesale area. International business ONLY do not need to supply that info. You will also need to fax or email us this document to us, we need it on file before will can set up a wholesale account for you.

We will contact you by e-mail when your request has been approved and your password has been setup. Below is our wholesale policy. Please read it carefully.

We allow our products to be purchased for resale at craft shows, internet websites and ebay. However we do not allow anyone the use of our graphics or products images. You will have to take your own product pictures if you need them.

Information will be e-mailed so please make sure you submit your COMPLETE and VALID e-mail address.

Yes we ship outside the USA via the US Postal Service.

** We do not have a printed catalog that we mail **

Our wholesale information is EMAILED ONLY, all submissions received with invalid or missing email addresses will be automatically be deleted. We will not contact you via phone or US mail.

Wholesale information WILL NOT be sent if any required info is missing.

This means the address fields must contain your full mailing or physical store address NOT the url to your website business, the name field must contain your first and last name,  phone must contain your phone number with area code you must include a valid email address since we send the wholesale info by email ONLY. Don't bother filling out and submitting the form if you do not want include all required information, your request will simply be deleted and you will not be contacted if you do not fill out the form with the required info.

If you have a spam program on your computer PLEASE check your spam folder for our email. We DO NOT REPLY to emails sent by your spam program to confirm our email address.

You can choose your own password if you like, there is a field called Choose Your Own under the email address field where you can enter it, otherwise we will generate one for you.

All Fields With A Red Star Are Required To Submit The Form

  • Wholesale Request Form

    Please fill in the form below, all information is required. If you reside in Michigan you will need to email or fax a copy of your MI sales tax license to us.
  • Wholesale Info is Emailed Only

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