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Below is Desiree our Canaan Dog, which is a wild breed from Israel. She is almost 13 years old and I know this food has literally added years to her life. She is a good Mom to my other 2 pups and the kitty.

Below is Cassie our Burmese cat. She is 12 years old and is still such a character. She really thinks she is a dog, she loves doing doggy things like sitting in my lap getting lots of attention and playing fetch with pom pom balls, she always has to be right on top of me, sitting on me,  no matter where I am. I was never a cat lover but this breed is SO cool she totally changed my mind about cats, I would get another Burmese in a heart beat. They love their owners and are always coming around to show you their affection.

Below is Rio in puppy form. He is beautiful Blue Merle Smooth Collie and has one blue eye. His coat will stay nice and short just like it is now. He was born on 10-20-2006 and is 2 months old in this picture and weighs in at 12-lb. He is a real sweetheart. He is helping us to heal after the loss of Annie.

Below is Rio Growing up, he is 6 months old here and is turning into a beautiful BIG boy, he is up to 45 lbs now. His dad is 85-lbs eeek. We decided not to bother making his ears tip down in traditional Collie fashion, its a lot work and takes a lot of special tape and glue to make them look like "Collie" ears. Some Collie ears tip naturally on their own but I think the good nutrition in his food kept that from happening so we decided to let him be him and leave them alone since we are not planning to show him anyway. Our pets are just spoiled rotten pets!

Below is Chloe, Rio's sister, we decided in March of 2007, to take her home. She is a smooth collie and a blue merle, although her hair is a bit longer and softer and is not as stiff like Rio's. Their mom is a long haired or rough collie and their dad is a short haired or smooth collie. Its so cute she is more like her Mom, she is smaller, quiet, loving and reserved and Rio is a spitting image of his Dad and is spastic, outgoing and to full of energy, so does that mean we got the best of both worlds...? or does it mean a lot of sibling rivalry?? Either way I love them both and they adore each other, and our older dog Desiree loves their company to. Collies are great dogs, I was always stuck on German Shepherds but I do believe Collies have a much more well rounded temperament and personality, I'm so glad I decided to give this breed a try.

Here they are at approx. 2-1/2 years old, this pic was taken Feb of 2009. Rio, on the left, is close to 80 lbs and Chloe, on the right, is is just about 60 lbs.

If you are interested purchasing a collie, smooth or rough, you will love this breeder, her collies are just wonderful! She has a nice website I hope you can take a moment to check it out.

Sherry Kronheim
Huntington Colliess
(440) 647-4665

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